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Unum is a Software Suite

Data Storage β

Data Analytics α

Applications α

Similar to Postgres or MongoDB and other DBMSs. Similar to Pandas, TensorFlow and PyTorch. From Anomaly Detection to Forecasting and Recommender Engines.

That Reaches Impressive Results

  • 100x faster relational lookups than Postgres.
  • 45x faster text indexing than ElasticSearch.
  • 20x faster RegEx matching than PCRE2.

Detailed Benchmarks Our Performance Ingredients

All Thanks to Three Simple Ingredients

New Algorithms and
Data Structures



Most companies still rely on algorithms designed in 1980s. We put math back into computer science to tame the asymptotical curve. We write our code in C++, CUDA and OpenCL, x86 and ARM Assembly. This gives us unprecedented control over hardware. We avoid using third-party dependencies and craft every piece of the puzzle to perfectly fit the overall vision.

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